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“Best Book on Spiritual Warfare and How to Become a Kingdom Warrior!”

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“An Awesome Read”

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November 16, 2022

“Two Thumbs Up!!”

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“Great Teaching!!!”

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“This Book Will Equip and Empower Readers to Combat Satan Victoriously!”

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“Game Changer for Believers”

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“Couldn’t Think of a Better Read”

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“Must Read”

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“Great Book”

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“Best on Spiritual Warfare and Armor of God”

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Great Handbook on Living Freely in the Kingdom of God!

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Author Bio:


Dr. Steven R. Wittmann received his Doctor of Theology from the International College of Ministry where he is the staff director of information technologies.

Dr. Wittmann began his working career in the US Air Force as an ICBM technician. After military service, he launched and continues to operate an information technologies company.

Dr. Wittmann is a teacher and writer with several literary projects in development. His love for the written word began at the age of nine when his mother, feeling pestered, told him to “go read a book.”

Through his spiritual gift of discernment of spirits, Dr. Wittmann brings a rearly seen perspective of the workings of the spirit realm to his writing.



What if you were shackled by chains of bondage you did not know existed? What if the leadership in your church, those to whom you turn for counsel and guidance, were themselves battered by spiritual oppression? Sadly, this is the condition of many churches today—yet this should not be so. For the power of freedom from spiritual bondage was won a Calvary over two-thousand years ago.

With Unchained & Under Cover, Dr. Steven Wittmann exposes the evil one’s schemes in the light of God’s Word. Through gifts of discernment of spirits and prophetic knowledge, Dr. Wittmann helps you understand the clever and deceitful ways the evil one holds you and God’s people, whom you call your brothers, sisters, leaders, elders, and pastors in bondage.

Make no mistake—the evil one does not want you reading this book! Even now, he wants you to ignore it so you remain in bondage. Do not listen to him. Choose instead the revelations of freedom God is about to reveal through the words within, so you too may live unchained and under cover.

Coming Soon:


Foundations in Spiritual Warfare—The sister book to Unchained & Under Cover that ups your game from distance warfare to invading the dark kingdom and wrestling with dark spirits as seen in Ephesians 6:12. Currently under development.

Lamb Lane—Lamb Lane is an autobiographical testimony, of a seven-year season of wilderness, that loosely parallels Daniel 4:25. Dr. Wittmann shares the details of his season of homelessness and what God taught him about surviving under a constant barage of dark forces. Currently under development.

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