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Unchained & Under Cover

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ The Author Spot — Third Edition (October 7, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 248 pages
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8-218-20259-0
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Unchained & Under Cover boldly exposes the motivations behind spiritual attacks against believers. Drawing on the spiritual gift of discernment of spirits, Dr. Wittmann examines demonic schemes and the methodology-of-bondage dark spirits use to hold born-again believers hostage. He examines attacks against the individual, church leaders, and the church itself, from the position that understanding your enemy is critical in defeating him. But understanding the enemy is only the beginning. The reader then discovers their true identity in Christ and the power that is theirs in the name of Jesus. Dr. Wittmann guides the reader in how to use that power to receive lasting freedom and spiritual protection for both one's self and others. Rarely is there a book that offers such detailed insight into the workings of dark forces in the spirit realm. Included are group study questions as well as armor and deliverance guides.


About the Author:

Dr. Steven R. Wittmann first heard God's call at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Ca. in 1976 under Pastor Chuck Smith. Later in the 1980s, Dr. Wittmann served in the USAF during the cold war as a nuclear missile launch technician. After his military service, Dr. Wittmann used his technical training and passion for all things digital, to open an information technologies company which he continues to operate.

In 2008, God opened a door of opportunity for Dr. Wittmann to begin digital construction on an online seminary college. Fourteen years and a million lines of code later, Dr. Wittmann functions as a staff director and teacher at the International College of Ministry (ICM), a non-profit Christian ministry.

In 2016, Dr. Wittmann earned his Doctor of Theology degree from ICM. Through his spiritual gift of discernment-of-spirits, Dr. Wittmann brings a rarely seen perspective of the workings of the spirit realm to his teaching and writing.

Dr. Wittmann's passion for writing began at the age of nine when his mother, feeling pestered, told him to "go read a book," and he discovered a then-futuristic story about technology and computers. Currently, Dr. Wittmann is working on two new books, Foundations in Spiritual Warfare, which is the sister book to Unchained & Under Cover, and Lamb Lane, an autobiographical testimony, of a seven-year season of wilderness, that loosely parallels Daniel 4:25.

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39 reviews for Unchained & Under Cover

  1. Bishop Panton Okon

    I found the book ‘Unchained and Under Cover’ very interesting, with a very down-to-earth style. It is a comprehensive exposition of the agenda of the kingdom of darkness and the strategies of the devil and his demons. From spiritual attacks, covering and protection to spiritual authority and open doors and the practical usage of the whole Armour of God, the reader is presented with practical ways of achieving victory over demonic attacks and even more importantly closing open doors and keeping them closed. The discourse is conversational, replete with biblical references that shed light on the statements in the book. ‘Unchained and Under Cover’ is more of a reference book and I intend to read it again and again. Whether one has been a believer for some time or is a new convert, the book has something to offer and will be a blessing to anyone who reads it. 

    Dr. Steve Wittmann uses real-life examples in a humorous way to drive home salient points. One of the things that really struck me about the book is the fact that he offers compelling evidence of the activities of the kingdom of darkness and it is my view that no one who takes time to read the book will ever again be casual about his or her relationship with Jesus. Spiritual warfare is real and we are fighting a ruthless and diabolical enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). I was really blessed going through the book and I think that the way Dr. Steve Wittmann explained the weapons of our warfare and the proclamations that accompany usage of the weapons is really powerful. 

  2. Ginger Villa

    “Eye Opening”
    Well written book. I strongly recommend this book. It teaches how to overcome our enemy.

  3. Amye Francis

    This book was very enlightening in regard to the spiritual world and spiritual warfare. I’ve never read something that brought so much clarity to the spiritual realm, spiritual bondage and deliverance. There were moments in reading this book where I could feel the Holy Spirit doing a new work in me.

  4. ardent

    “Excellent Christian Resource”
    This book was excellent and very informative. He releases scripturally based truths and revelations Excellent Christian resource.
    Thank you Dr. Wittmann.

  5. William E. Hull

    “A Practical Book to Understand the Unseen Battle that as Believers [We] Need Know in Order to Live Free.”
    I’m very thankful for the thoughtful writing of this subject as it has been abused in so many different ways. Dr. Wittmann writes from his own journey of discovery and personal experience revealing what it looks like so that i could overlay it on my own life. He supported his research with the Scriptures and gave room for the reader to follow at their own pace. He does not force his beliefs, but gives solid foundations for what he has found to be true in his life experiences. I’m thankful for this resource that i will be able to reference back to in the days to come.

  6. Amazon Customer

    “Great Handbook on Living Freely in the Kingdom of God!”
    This is a great handbook – a great tool for every believer! I just finished it, but will be reading it methodically again! This book simply explains what living undercover looks like and how to exercise our authority against the enemy. It is a very practical guide on how to clean your own spiritual house and help others to find freedom as well. Such a good read! I have the book on Kindle, but will be ordering a hard copy so I can use this regularly in my ministry! Loved it!

  7. Sandy Tapper

    “A book you must read if you need God’s protection in your life.”
    I absolutely loved this book. I am in ICM college of ministry and it was so helpful in so many areas but it’s fantastic on explaining in detail the armor of God.

  8. myworld

    “Excellent Guidance on Spiritual Protection and Spiritual Warfare”

    This book is written in a clear and concise manner and I would recommend to both new and more advanced Believers. Dr. Wittman has a true gift from the Holy Spirit to write and illuminate the things in God’s Word related to becoming free, spiritually protected, and to become effective at spiritual warfare. He is a great story teller, and the examples in his writing are so relevant and easy to follow.

    I read this book as a requirement for a class that I took, and I must say that I was quite pleased to pick up my Kindle daily and to read chapters of this book. Not only was it a good read, it was very helpful to me and my ongoing growth in the things of God.

    Many Blessings Dr. Wittman! Continue to yield to the Holy Spirit as He makes you His ready writer to help His people and to do His work in the Kingdom.

  9. LeShone Washington

    This book is a must have. It opened my eyes to so many hidden things.

  10. Jasmine Green

    When I say I have had my eyes opened on so many things in this book… This is a much needed read for anyone that wants to understand The Father’s kingdom as well as Satan’s. This book is filled with clarity and thorough scenarios on how to understand different spirits and how to build discernment.

  11. Elaine Blakely

    What a revelatory book that brings very simplistic understanding to deliverance and healing that is needed for all believers. I especially enjoyed the chapter concerning Satan and the three missing stones. Please get this book. It’s a great read.

  12. Shaniece

    This was a very good read, it open my eyes to things i did not understand at first.

  13. YLWallace

    Game Changer for Believers
    This book was so good. It was part of the course requirement for a PhD in Christian Counseling. I am so thankful that it was the last class I took for the degree. It felt like a total summation in some ways of the entire coursework. It is well written and concise. We know God has a great sense of humor. Literally as I was working through this book, my pastor was with ministering on the topics in each area either after I had read it or before I had read it. Mostly, after I had read it. So, it was great conformation. I think this book will be something that I will use as a reference tool over the years. Some of it was material new to me. Some of it was a refresher of things I had already learned. I really enjoyed reading it. A really good read for a Believer in Christ. Thank you Dr. WIttmann for being obedient to God and writing it. I look forward to the years spent with this book becoming battered and dog eared from usage. When is the next one coming?

  14. L Jordan

    I was truly blessed and enlightened even more in understanding where it a lot of what we deal with and go through. Why we do and what happens if it’s not dealt with properly. I think his preceptive and commentary on some of the scriptures are different from my understanding. However, the book sheds light on some things I had not thought of but was good to know and needed to know. Great book in breakdown, good definitions at the end. I enjoyed reading it will read it again and probably do some teaching from it. Thank you, Dr. Wittman.

  15. Jewelena Hillstrom

    An Awesome Read
    The way this book was written amazing. The author has a great way of wording things to bring complete didn’t [sic] understanding. I’ll definitely read it again.

  16. Kenneth

    This is a very interesting read!

  17. Naomi Madrid

    Must Read!
    This is a very insightful Biblical book. I learned many things that are in scripture that had not been revealed to me. I love how it is a simple book to understand with many scriptures to back up his teaching. I will use this as a resource in my counseling ministry!

  18. Pastor Chris

    I just finished this book as part of a course I am taking to finish a degree. I have thoroughly enjoyed the book. But more important it is one the best informative reads on deliverance that I have ever read.
    Highly recommend to anyone wanting to know more freedom or desires to help others have & experience more freedom.

  19. Z Hart

    This Is an Awesome Book
    This book was very insightful! So many excellent truths and was extremely profound. I am a student at ICM and I would highly recommend this book it’s a wonderful guide to spiritual warfare.

  20. Brandon Williams

    Two Thumbs Up!!
    This book is a true blessing to my life. It breaks down all the important tools that I need as a man of God to keep walking in Christ. Aw man, the Jezebel spirit, Satan, the different spirits that come against us, claiming back our inheritance. I was in aw on each and every page. This book is a great weapon added to my spiritual arsenal.

  21. Trae Trae

    Very Insightful
    I learned so much from Dr. Steve’s book. It was well written and well rounded. It was written to where even someone new to their faith could understand.

  22. Jeanette C. Chester

    This is a Tremendous Book!!!
    I am enrolled in International College of Ministry and this book was required reading, however, I got so much information and practical application of scripture. So much great information..
    This book is a must have for any student of the Word…

  23. AJones

    Great Teaching!!!
    As a Pastor I really need to know in a more detail way the things stored in this book.

  24. Kindle Customer

    During my lifetime, I have read many books on spiritual warfare. None of them was so powerful, full of revelation, authenticity, and understanding of the supernatural realm and the natural realm like this book. This book will change your view of your life reality. Order it today!

  25. Porsha Hart

    Unchained and Under Cover
    Very thorough and insightful book!

  26. Gloria

    Get This Book!
    I’m a student at International College of Ministry. Dr. Wittmann is one of my instructors. And his book is one of the courses. Ya’ll, this book is AMAZING! If you are ready to stand against the enemy in these last days, I suggest you read his book” UNCHAINED & Under Cover”. If you always wanted to know how to defeat evil in this world, this is it! My favorite chapter out of all of the other favorite chapters is Chapter Fifteen, “Operation: Clean House”. All I can do was SMH! I have learned so much about spiritual warfare from this one book than I have in all my life. This is for me! I know what my purpose is and why I have been attacked all of my life. All I can say is “READ THE BOOK”. You can thank me later! Thank you, Dr. Steven Wittmann!

  27. Timothy Dudley

    Dr. Steve’s book was no doubt enlightening. Having been a born again believer now for 23years and co-pastoring a church I have a decent knowledge of his subject matter but finding out my ignorance on several topics he discusses was life changing in the way I now do ministry. This is a must read for the new believer as well as a seasoned one and I highly recommend it.

  28. Linda in Missouri

    Great Teaching
    This book was very informative and brought many scriptures to light. I enjoyed the demonstrations and the multiple prayers for deliverance to help clean your spiritual house.

  29. Nick Westenhofer

    Discover Who You Truly Are!
    Unchained & Under Cover is a must read! If you are in a daily struggle just trying to keep your head above water? If it is one thing after another keeping you from getting ahead? If you feel hopeless, helpless, lost and alone? If you feel tired, depressed, broken and brokenhearted? If you are ready to do something about it? If you are ready to take back your authority and fight for your destiny? Read this book, while you take an honest assessment of yourself, your life and discover who your truly are! You are victorious! You are beautiful, You are created in the image and likeness of God. Dr. Steven R. Witmann shares biblical sound insightful revelations of wisdom on spiritual warfare. Unchained & Under Cover will walk you through issues while providing you answers to the root of the problems which are hold you back from achieving victory in your life.

  30. Gena Ibrahim

    Best Book on Spiritual Warfare and How to Become a Kingdom Warrior!
    This book is by far the best I have ever read on spiritual warfare. I can tell that this book was not written overnight, but has had year’s of diligent research. When reading Dr. Wittmann’s book; you can see the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit from the beginning to the very end. Every aspect of spiritual warfare is covered in this book; and scripture is used to confirm what is being taught. I have learned things that I never knew; and yet I had read the scripture multiple times. Dr. Wittmann has a beautiful gift for writing and teaching scripture in a way that is so simplistic and yet powerful. The tools he gives for kingdom warfare is absolutely phenomenal; and I will definitely be changing the way I approach demonic activity. Thank you Dr. Wittmann for a well written book on how I can become a more effective warrior for Christ.

  31. Alexander

    Enjoyed this 100%

  32. Natalie Charles

    Very Informative and Helpful
    This book is very informative and helpful in the areas of spiritual warfare.

  33. Janie Minor

    I finished this book, Unchained and Undercover, and it completely rocked my world! This book has given me spiritual insight I have always wanted, but had no idea how I would obtain it. While reading this book it felt as if I was receiving advice from an old friend that I could apply to my life and share with my family. Throughout reading this book, I have recognized areas in my present that I need to spiritually take care of, and now have tools in my toolbox to do so. Dr. Wittmann is a very gifted writer whose revelations expose the truths of how the enemy entraps the Body of Christ as well as individual believers. Thank you Dr. Wittmann for your obedience in writing this book on such a critical topic that greatly impacts all who read it!

  34. Misha Wesley

    This book is absolutely, incredibly Amazing! It’s an insightful, brilliantly written book, that I’d recommend to anyone! There’s parts in it that I can quote that have moved me to cry and was grieved from holy spirit that clearly the writer was grieved about to!
    This book will equip you intellectually, spiritually and from the view of the Father. If you are teaching a class about spiritual warfare or deliverance, this book should be your instructional tool!

  35. Cynthia Newborn

    This Book Will Equip and Empower Readers to Combat Satan Victoriously!
    Dr Steve Wittmann illustrated powerful spiritual tools for battling the influence of evil. This book will fully equip readers to prepare for warfare, I especially appreciate the chapter on operation clean house, step by step prayers and scriptures specifically to cast out Satan and all evil occurrences. This is a brilliant informative very detailed book that will minister to your spiritual needs and provide you with necessary skills to defeat Satan.

  36. Jenna W.

    My husband read this book while in Seminary and he spoke about it so much I had to read it. It truly is an informative and powerful book concerning spiritual warfare. Every believer must get themselves a copy. The information within it is paramount.

  37. Yvette K.

    Great Book on Spiritual Warfare
    Very informative! Very helpful!

  38. NeicyZ

    Timely Delivery
    This book was quite intriguing. It spoke to my spirit about the power we possess in our tongue and our ability to denounce evil and wicked spirits all by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a must read for ministry leaders and teachers who seek answers on how to help others be delivered from evil spirits and forces that seek to lead them astray. I have gained spiritual insight on how to focus my prayers by putting on the armor of God daily. This God-inspired text is another essential tool every believer should have in their arsenal of weapons against our enemy-Satan.

  39. John Beyer

    Great Book on Spiritual Warfare!
    This is a great book written by someone who has experienced and lived in bondage to the enemy. I wish that I had this book several years ago; it’s eye opening and a very good book on spiritual warfare! Thanks to Dr. Steve Wittmann for writing such a profound book.

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