TAS Author Platforms

Author Spot Platforms Have Three Distinctive Parts:

  1. The TAS Hosting Environment (i.e. The Cloud)
  2. Features and Functions of each Platform
  3. Promotion through the TAS Social Media Array

TAS Cloud Hosting

The Author Spot maintains its online services through private servers located in Central Florida data centers not too far from the University of Central Florida or UCF. These environmentally controlled centers feature fiber optic connections to the internet as well as standby power to keep all services online in the event of a power outage.

Security on the servers is configured with multiple layers of intrusion detection to keep our author’s data safe from bot, virus, and hacker attacks. Additionally, the TAS cloud is backed up daily which allows for day-by-day restoration if needed.

TAS server resources are unthrottled. This means all TAS server horsepower is available to each author member at all times.

If you’d like to geek-out on technical specifications, then please visit our FAQ page for a deeper Q&A on server settings.

Platform Features and Functions

The Author Spot began working on the concept of author platforms as a service during the lock down a couple years back. An author platform is a hard beast to tame as it is literally different for every author. So we started by looking at the core functions every author needs. For example, every author needs a domain name and a properly configured nameservers. Every author needs a hosting plan and the installation of a CMS or content management system. Then every author needs a site configured for their author brand and their books. Oh, and how about an eStore? Can’t sell books without a point-of-sale system. And email, every author needs a way to communicate with their readers. Speaking of communicating with readers, how about a blog? And what about security? As you can see, things can get out of hand in a hurry.

So we decided that if this concept was going to work, we had to have a single location to manage all our member authors—we needed a cloud. So, we built one. It took some time which is why TAS has been two years in development, but now its live and nearing our launch day.

Each platform we built into our cloud is a little bit like an empty apartment with different main features. One platform comes furnished and needs only personal touches. That platform is called The Launching Spot. It’s build around the hero-page concept and is the most maintenance free platform we offer. The Launching Spot is well suited for authors who are just starting out and need something with a quick learning curve.

The middle platform is called Spot’s Choice. This platform comes with the majority of platform features as seen in the grid below. Spot’s Choice is designed for authors who are comfortable composing and publishing their own author blog, and already have an established author brand.

Finally there is The Pro Spot where emphasis is on promoting author branding through a customized theme.

Each platform can be adjusted or tweaked to each authors needs. Additionally, TAS has an A La Carte menu, where authors can piecemeal features for their platform.

The TAS Social Media Array

Author member promotion through our social media array sets TAS apart from rest. In addition to solving the author’s need for hosting, author website, and eStore sales, TAS also promotes each author member and their books through vblogging and podcasting.

We start with a live streaming interview, and from that we produce a variety of author-centered and book-centered audio and video clips for promotions and marketing. In addition to popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. we also promote your author brand and books on blockchain video platforms as well as podcasts. For more on the TAS Social Media Array, please see our FAQ page where we go into the technical details.

For an overview, please see the table below to compare TAS platform’s main features.


The Launching Spot

Spot's Choice

The Pro Spot

Hero Page
Home Page
Integrated eStore
Preview Book Reader
TAS Social Media Array
Custom Home Page Banner
Dedicated Author Page
Dedicated Book Page
Dedicated Contact Page
Author Blog
Customized Theme
Gravitar Account