The other day, I was talking with a friend about The Author Spot, and after presenting our five-cent elevator speech, she replied, “There’s nothing there I can’t do on my own.” And she’s right, TAS is not offering anything you can’t go out and do on your own, but there’s a catch—you have to do it on your own.

Before the concept of TAS was anything more than a distant thought, I trolled the posts at the Alliance of Independent Authors or Alli as it’s known. I’ve been a member of Alli for years and often participate in their forum to help answer questions—especially tech questions.

I discovered that authors are not necessarily computer geeks. Some are of course, and I’m an excellent example. I’ve been in various technology fields for going on forty years. Uh-oh, I hope I didn’t give away my age.

Seriously though, tech is easy for me, but over the years I’ve seen many authors’ frustration with what I think is simple. I help when I can, but I’ve found that some authors can be fantastic writers and still struggle with technology.

This planted a seed in my mind and I thought, “It’s just a cloud—how hard could it be?” So I did it. I built an internet cloud and I filled it with the tools I love using for my own authorpreneur journey.

I designed the TAS author platforms for versatility. Each platform is a basic foundation upon which each author can add the tools they find most valuable, with our help of course.

This is why I decided to program TAS with an e-store in every platform. This was important to me. As an author, I want to sell my books, and how can I do that without an e-store? So, every TAS platform comes with a built-in e-store. Is setting up an e-store easy? For me it is, and that’s the difference between TAS and authors that do it on their own.

If you own your own private server, and have the technical skill to install, configure, and manage all your own author tech, then we wish you all the best in your authorpreneur journey. Unlike many, you have everything you need, but I’ve seen authors that struggle with GoDaddy website builder or websites because they don’t have the needed skills. These hosting platforms are for beginners or noobs (pronounced: new-bees) and at their best, they cannot compare with what we offer at The Author Spot.

At The Author Spot, we not only offer author website hosting in our cloud, we also incorporate a variety of promotional and marketing platforms to help boost your sales. We call this our social media array. Some of the elements in this array are traditional such as Facebook, Twitter (now called X), YouTube, and Pinterest, but there’s also new platforms built on blockchain technology that turns your digital books into NFTs or non-fungible tokens so authors can receive royalty payments on used books, every time they are resold—FOREVER!

This topic is too large for a single post, so I’ll follow up with topic specific posts as I can. Also, I am creating questions-and-answers for the TAS Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page, so check there for additional information.

And in the meantime, as we always say, “Go on and write, we’ll handle the tech”


‘Till next time – TJ



TJ Culler is an author, reader, and an adventurist. She loves working at The Author Spot as an Author Platform Specialist. Her hobbies include hiking, camping, and driving her Jeep in the great outdoors. After publishing her first book in 2017, TJ discovered what a daunting task an author platform really was. She now dedicates her time to helping authors, like herself, who struggle with technology.
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