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For small businesses, spam email is one of the biggest time wasters. At this point, The Author Spot has blacklisted over 1,000 primary domains for flooding our inboxes with solicitations and links to scams.

Additionally, robo calls consume so much time it’s taking valuable time away from our member services. FYI, Robokiller is a great Android app for dealing with the robo call onslaught.

In response to both spam email and robo calls, The Author Spot is no longer publishing direct contact information on our website. This means you will not find our email address nor a phone number. However, we do provide a means to contact us.

If you’ll look in the lower right corner of your screen, you will see our contact and support app. This displays on both desktop and mobile devices. The TAS staff will receive all inquiries submitted via this app and we will reply provided you include your contact info.

We try to stay logged into the app during normal business hours so as to provide live support, though this is not always possible and during off-hour times, live support will switch to email support.

If you reach out to us via any other method, you will not receive a reply as the contact/support app is the only channel monitored by the TAS staff.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we look forward to serving you in your authoring needs.


TJ Culler is an author, reader, and an adventurist. She loves working at The Author Spot as an Author Platform Specialist. Her hobbies include hiking, camping, and driving her Jeep in the great outdoors. After publishing her first book in 2017, TJ discovered what a daunting task an author platform really was. She now dedicates her time to helping authors, like herself, who struggle with technology.
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